Tattooing machine run on air compresser.

Over the years many tattoo artists have sought to find and make a newer, cleaner and easier to handle tattooing machine.

And although tattooing machines run by air have been tried many times before, none have really been that successful. That is until now (2008) when a number of new machines that are run by an air compressor have hit the market. And who do we have to thank for inventing the world’s first pneumatic stencil pen. None other then Thomas Alva Edison who patented his device on the 25th of June in 1878.  So yes it’s all been seen before and tattoo artists the world over owe a large debt to Mr Edison.

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  1. Shack says:

    There is an Australian company : that I’m looking forward to seeing at the 2010 Sydney tattoo convention. They have released or are just about to release (I’m not sure) a pneumatic machine.

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