Tattooing banished

The banning of tattooing marks.

In A.D.325 Emperor Constantine the Great, banned facial tattoos among Christian’s living in the Roman Empire. As it disfigured what was fashioned in God’s image. And in 787AD the British council of churches at Calcuth, Northumberland – under the direction of the second council of Nicaea (the Seventh Ecumenical Council of Christianity) – banned all body markings as a pagan practice. Tattooing was known as pricking before Captain Cooks adventures to the South Seas.

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One comment on “Tattooing banished

  1. Esa_Dirty says:

    Hi everybody, I just registered since I read this article.

    I got a real King Diamond signature upon a red pentacle tattoed on my left arm by Jock back in 1984, I still remember there was a sign in the studio saying something like: “Jock’s tattoes are guaranteed until one week after death” 😀

    I’m kinda proud of that tattooo you know.

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