Tattooed Lady Marion Hollier

The classic record album ‘Indelibly Stamped’ by the group ‘Supertramp’ had on its cover the tattooed lady Marion Hollier and not Rusty Skuse as is often thought.

The record album ‘Indelibly Stamped’ (released June 1971) had on its cover tattooed lady Marion Hollier and its not Rusty Skuse of which many people believe the picture on the sleeve to be – The confusion comes via the names ‘Rusty and Billy’ seen tattooed on the lower left arm of the recipient – The give away to it being Marion on the ‘Supertramp’ album cover is the tattooed roses on her topless chest – which was quite a rare sight to see back in those far off days of the early 70’s.

Marion was a great fan of the ‘Bristol Tattoo Club’ (no pun intended) meetings in the 1960’s – and was indeed tattooed extensively by Les Skuse Snr – its believed Marion stopped getting tattooed after Les died on the 14th of June 1973 – but it is not known why she had Bill and Rusty tattooed on her forearm – or indeed what became of her.

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  1. diane says:

    Hi, my name is Diane & Marion Hollier is in fact my auntie, she is still married to my uncle & living in the South West of England, they are the reason i got into tattoos, the reason she had Bill & Rusty tattooed on her, was because Bill & Rusty lived in Aldershot when my auntie & uncle went up to see them with Les, they asked Bill & Rusty to tattoo their names on them, all my auntie & uncles tattoos were indeed by Les Skuse snr.
    regards Diane x

  2. jon says:

    Fantastic story,,,i always wondered what happened to that model,,i too thought it was rusty but wasn’t her name rusty field I had to carry out some enquieres back in the early 2000s and learnt that she passed away that she lived alone in Norfolk on a farm or animal sanctuary. ?? antway its good that marion is still going strong. fantastic album cover, all credit to marion.did she get any more art jon burrows

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