TANGAROATUANE Maori Ta Moko Artist

Tangaroatuane, Maori Ta Moko Artist from Aotearoa-New Zealand. “Ko Tangaroatuane ahau. Ko Ngati Morehu oku iwi. Ehara taku toa i te toa tak “I am Tangaroatuane. Ours is the clan of survivors.

My strength comes not from myself but that of thousands, my Ancestors” Sharing the ancient art of Ta Moko or Maori Tattooing through an unique accent representing Aotearoa-New Zealand today, Tangaroatuane aims to inspire and infuse the mind, body and spirit.

“I take great pride in the culture that I was born in to. I cater for those individuals who choose to wear on their body Maori inspired designs.

Self taught, my personal style is to draw free hand directly onto the body and each tattooed design is an expression of an unique story”.

After six years of international tattooing experience and travelling the world over, Tangaroatuane is now based in London working in co-operation with the Shangri-la Tattoo Studio and servicing a growing number of private clientelle as a freelance Maori Ta Moko Artist. “Kia tau te rangaimarie.

Peace be with you always”.

TANGAROATUANE Maori Ta Moko Artist.

Consultation by appointment only.

tatlantis@hotmail.com UK Mobile: 0044-7952890999

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  1. Lindo says:

    Its easier for me to draw such shepas freehand Of course for the purpose of the video I am using a marker pen to fill them in There are way too many videos on YT showing how to draw on illustrator and photoshop e.t.c.. Those people are called graphic and digital artists.. I am not!! However, nearly all the black tribal designs I create for custom and flash sets are scanned in once the line drawings have been created and then quickly filled in all black on photoshop.

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