Stoney St Clair

A great DVD hit American stores in 2005 entitled ‘Stoney Knows How’

Which although only 29 minutes and 12 seconds long is a great piece of tattooing history – And in it we see Stoney St Clair tattooing tattoo legend Don Ed Hardy – Ed who is seen having a rat in a top hat etched on to his leg (put on free hand – without the aid of a stencil) – explains that he wanted a rat because that was his nickname when he was a kid – The video was filmed in 1981 and was directed by Bruce ‘Pacho’ Lane.

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  1. jane says:

    you can see parts of film on youtube ……infact there are some fantastic documentarys from 1970s which include mr sabastian . rusty skuse .bill skuse .etc also nice piece tattoo 70 with young looking lyle tuttle…all that i have seen on youtube

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