Princess Marie of Denmark tattooed

Prince Waldemar (1858-1939) of Denmark was believed to have been tattooed. We know for a fact that his wife Princess Marie (1865-1909) was via newspaper reports of the day.

Which included quite a profile on the French Princess of Orleans who married the Prince in 1885. In both ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Philadelphia Telegraph’ of the 3rd of January 1895, who wrote that ‘while Prince Waldemar was on his first trip, after his marriage, someone told Princess Marie that all wives of Danish sailors have anchors, tattooed on their arm’ prompting the Princess to summon a friend of the Prince to ask if this was true.

And when she was told that it was, she remarked ‘I am a Danish sailor’s wife and I want to do just as others do’ So a tattooist was sent for and a tattoo of an anchor was soon sitting upon the Royal arm – Princess Marie was said to have been quite a lady – who would go out on calls with the Copenhagen fire department to fight fires with them as well as doing many other things that endeared her not only to her own people but to the people of many other European Countries.

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