Paul Rogers moves to Jacksonville, Florida

Franklin Paul Rogers (1905-1990) moved to Jacksonville in Florida of the USA in the 1960’s – Where he tattooed with Bill Williamson in a studio on 409 Main Street, FL.

When Bill died in 1964, Paul took over the business. But after some trouble in the shop in 1970, Paul left it to start tattooing at his new home at No.3 Shetter Avenue, which also became the home of Paul’s famous ‘Tattoo Iron Factory’.

This is where Paul made, what are considered in the tattoo world as the finest tattooing machines ever produced. And even-though Paul’s tattooing iron factory was little more then a 12 foot by 6 ft tin shed in his back garden, tattoo artist’s from all over the world would travel to Jacksonville just to buy machines and visit the great man.

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