Krystyne The Kolorful

Krystyne the Kolorful who for many years appeared in the Guinness book of records as the worlds most tattooed women. Was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Curly Allen did her first professional tattoo of a butterfly on her thigh in 1970.

Before that she had a few home made tattoos put on with needle and ink. Her jobs have included tattoo shop receptionist – zookeeper – farmer – desk clerk in a hotel – office worker and for four years as an exotic dancer where in between all of this krystyne became tattooed from neck to foot.

Big name tattoo artists who have worked on her include John ‘the Dutchman’ Van’t Hullenaar, Don Ed Hardy, Don Nolan, Kevin Brady P.A. Stevens, Greg Irons, Dean Dennis, Vyvyn (Beverly Bean) Lazonga, Juli Moon and Teresa Johnson. All in all about 14 people have tattooed her over the years.

Chuck Eldridge recommended her for the Guinness book and she was included for the first time in the books 1988 edition – She also appeared on the Phil Donahue TV show in the 90’s – Her body suit tattoos consist of erotic Japanese figures, flowers, flames, waves, snakes, as well as having 13 dragons on her body with one being six feet long wrapping around her chest and back.

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  1. michael bryan says:

    i have been trying to find photos of krystyne for years i have tremendous admiration for her i saw her first in body art magazine and that was it . Since treid to find more women with body suits and came across her again if anyone knows of her e-mail address i would love to make contact with her

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